White Opal Gemstone Beads

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Healing with White Opal

The energies of this stone will encourage you to express your true self. For this reason, you will feel safe and comfortable with yourself and it will be noticed in your words, thoughts, and actions. White opal is a highly absorbent stone. It will collect all your thoughts and emotions and keep them at bay so they don’t overwhelm you.

It is considered a very protective stone. Your stone, correctly programmed, will be able to protect you from negative energies and the evil eye. It is said of the healing powers of white opal that can help in the treatment of various infections and fevers. It can also purify the blood and kidneys.

It is believed that white opal grants travelers protection by radiating light and opening the way. Because of its ability to grant serenity, it protects against conflicts that may cause damage or destabilize its bearer. It protects in addition to bad luck and has the ability to invest energy for the benefit of those who wear it as an amulet.

This gem will remind you that only you are responsible for your emotional state. It will help you repair the damage that your emotions may have caused to your partner or to your relationship. The white opal will encourage you to give positivity. It will promote kindness, love, compassion, and generosity.

White opal is a clean light source. In the field of communication, thinking and interpersonal relationships, it favors positivity, openness, and balance. It is usually used as an ornamental stone in necklaces that contain several pieces. Being less expensive than other opals, it is used in large quantities. However, its energy properties are equally valuable, especially for connoisseurs of crystals and for rock and mineral collectors.

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